Track Premiere: Nequient Taps Old Veins with “Cult of Ignorance”

There are many things in life that will instantly put a stupid smile on my stupider face. The list includes, but is not limited to, D-beat madness, late ’90s/’00s chaoscore and the collapse of mankind transposed into sound. Wolves at the Door, the debut album by Chicago’s Nequient, comes blazing in on misanthropy-fueled ICBM missile sporting all of the above and, therefore, our enthusiastic stamp of approval. Today, we present a stream of “Cult of Ignorance” from the band’s forthcoming debut, out May 18th on the upstart Nefarious Industries label, which happened to be profiled here six or so months ago. Also, some words of explanation about the track in question from vocalist Jason Kolkey.


“Cult of Ignorance” is a good example of how we try to fuse an array of extreme metal and hardcore influences into a concise song that gets your head banging. You can hear touches of a lot of the music we love, hopefully brought together into a cohesive whole that has its own sound. As for the title, I borrowed that from a famous 1980 essay by the science fiction writer and biochemist Isaac Asimov. He lamented the prevalence of anti-intellectualism in American public life, arguing that a contempt for learning and expertise was doing serious damage to democracy. I can only imagine what he would have made of our current moment of fake news, Trumpism, and Brexit, all of which are among the lyrical targets in this song.”

Photo by Nicolas Cote


Nefarious Industries