Track Premiere: Language — “Into and Out Of”

Are you ready to get a little tongue tied?

If so, the exclusive premiere below of “Into and Out Of” courtesy Brooklyn-based merchants of energizing, uplifting noise rock Language will be just what the oral pathologist ordered — imagine Jesus Lizard and Metroschifter slipping in to hijack the intro to Fugazi’s In On the Kill Taker for their own burlier ends and you’ll be in the neighborhood.

“‘Into and Out Of’ began as an exercise in rhythm and memorization which eventually kind of morphed into a simple — but simultaneously maximal — song,” drummer Wes Black tells Decibel. “We found ourselves simplifying the arrangement while upping the energy along the way which gave us this sort of standalone instrumental narrative.”

“Into and Out Of” appears on the band’s Plymouth EP — which is out next week and available for preorder here. In the greater NYC area? Hit up the release party next Wednesday.

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Photo credit: Bryan Bruchman.