Photographer Ester Segarra to Publish Music Photography Book

Decibel readers, and fans of extreme metal in general, have enjoyed Ester Segarra‘s photography for many years. Since 2001, Segarra has photographed countless bands for publications around the world, including dozens of Decibel covers. Earlier this week, Season of Mist announced that they would publish Ars Umbra, her first photo book.

Totaling 220 pages, this anthology contains photographs of nearly 150 bands, many of them with text about the photos written by the musicians or involved parties (including Decibel Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian) themselves. Segarra says that the book is meant to bring music and art together in a way that mirrors the process of creating an album. It’s fitting, then, that Ars Umbra includes a soundtrack by percussionist Uno Bruniusson that was created specifically for the book. Bands featured in the book include (but are absolutely not limited to) Watain, Electric Wizard, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Venom, Triptykon, Carcass, Obituary, Mayhem, Burzum, Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Abbath and Ghost.

Watch a trailer for the soundtrack and book below. It’ll be available July 6 via Season of Mist.