Track Premiere: Secret Cutter – ‘Trampled by Light’

Photo: Tim Wynarczuk

Secret Cutter don’t move quickly when it comes to releases, but when it comes time to move, they do it with great force. The evidence is clear with their second LP, Quantum Eraser, which comes four years after their crushing self-titled effort. On Quantum Eraser and first single “Trampled by Light,” streaming below, the trio take the sharp edge of grindcore and fuse it with the harsh ugliness of sludge metal. Jumping from lumbering, sludgy parts to blistering grind, Secret Cutter operate in a place between the two sounds, always backed by vocalist Ekim’s screeching vocals and a penchant for rowdy, destructive music.

“The second track on the record, ‘Trampled By Light,’ is our favorite song to play live,” Secret Cutter tell Decibel. “On this song we examine the horrible reality of being ‘the last one to see the truth.’ The murderous rage of the vocals and the almost mechanical drone riffing and percussion of the verse is the best representative of what we as a band are trying to achieve.”

Listen to “Trampled by Light” below. Quantum Eraser will be distributed by Deathwish in the United States and Holy Roar in the UK.