Label Spotlight: Larval Productions

Larval Productions is a Washington D.C.-based operation with an acute focus on bringing exposure to the most extreme corners of the black death underground. In only two years, Larval has developed a significant following thanks to its owner’s dedication in releasing exclusively uncompromising and brutally vicious records. After an auspicious beginning of reissuing modern mandatory tapes onto vinyl, e.g. Caveman Cult’s Savage War is Destiny, Rituals of Savagery, and Tsalal’s צָלַל, Larval is now poised to drop three ridiculously heavy hitters on the unsuspecting underworld—two of which are releases exclusive to Larval Prod. 

We seized an opportunity to reach out to R., the man behind Larval Productions, to discuss this forthcoming ungodly attack of black wax. And R. showed his appreciation by granting Decibel the privilege of premiering two cut from these three impending releases. Below you’ll find the exclusive streams along with some insight from the maniac himself.  

“Bilateral Indexing Theory” by Jyotiṣavedāṅga 

“When I started Larval Productions, I had several goals in mind to make the label stand out from the many other extreme black/death labels that are already doing an excellent job. One is that I wanted to focus a significant amount of the label’s output on releasing the most chaotic, abyssal sounds produced somewhere in the peripheries of extreme metal and harsh noise that I could find. Another is to work with projects from unusual places, being from one myself. Jyotiṣavedāṅga, like their kindrid Kolkata and Larval Productions allies Tetragrammacide, matches both of these goals exactly, and I’m proud to channel forth their debut record which evolves the embryonic extraterrestrial, chaosophic qualities of their demo into maturity. This is a style of music that many bands are now starting to emulate. I believe that time will prove that Jyotiṣavedāṅga will stand among the less-than-handful true visionaries.”


“Flayed Angels/Exalted Blasphemous Trinity (Live)” by Crurifragium

“For me, Crurifragium are one of the few bands active today that manage to manifest the same malevolent spirit of the old gods of black/death (Blasphemy, Beherit) while singularly standing out among the swamp of clones by channeling their own unique signature sound. They are also highly accomplished musicians and a fucking sick live band. I recorded their set at Invoking Black Death Fest in Chicago last year, and both myself and the band agreed that it sufficiently captures their filthy live output, and serves as excellent addition to the vintage sound of their demo, here re-mastered on the A-Side. Visually, this record also perfectly complements their killer debut LP released last year by Invictus, with similar aesthetics and a reinterpretation of the original demo C. Moyen artwork by Necromogarip.”


“Dogs of War” by Caveman Cult

“I’m honored to have worked with my brothers in Caveman Cult to proliferate their first two vinyl releases, which are now sold out from me. By now, it should be no secret to anybody that Caveman Cult will be one of the defining war metal bands of this contemporary era, and this EP takes their primitivist blast attack style to unprecedented proportions, and features sick artwork by Warhead Arts throughout. This record consists of four tracks but they are experienced as one relentless fucking wall of brutality. I’ve been listening to this for months and it still makes me to want to pulverize some skulls every goddamn time.”

Get all three records on June 6th from Larval Productions.