Watch: Thorium – ‘Penance’

Danish death dealers (try saying that a few times) Thorium debut a new video for “Penance,” from their upcoming record Blasphemy Awakes. Meat-and-potatoes death metal with a slight blackened flair, Thorium continue solidly down the path they’ve been on for more than two decades.

Vocalist MHA gives a bit of context to the song, which may prove to be incendiary:

“The one sample on our new album that might provoke most people in Denmark is the one in ‘Penance’ from Danish madman/genius Mogens Glistrup. In the 70’s, this lawyer and later politician found a way around the Danish system to paying zero tax for many years and of course ended up in jail. Later, he formed one of most popular political parties in Denmark, Fremskridtspartiet, with focus on Danish values. Some might call him far-right oriented, and he had some very dominant opinions on the subject. In the late 90’s, he did an interview on national television where he stated all Muslims coming to Western European countries were coming here to take the Western values away from us and conquer our countries and would see riots and failed integration happen 20 years later. He is quoting things from the Koran to underline. Now, 20 years later, it’s up to your own point of view if he was right or not. Under all circumstances, it is a hot potato to talk about, especially in music and extreme metal in these days, where bands like Marduk and Taake are accused of being Nazis. I look forward seeing the reactions on the song ‘Penance’ and the music video we made. Food for thoughts. I am not right-oriented myself, and as a self-employed entrepreneur in the entertainment business, it is hard sometimes to decide which political party you want to support. The ones who support business men or the ones who support culture.”

“Penance” is available to watch below. Blasphemy awakens on June 1 through Mighty Music.