Track Premiere: Craft ‘The Cosmic Sphere Falls’


It’s been seven years since Craft uncorked their fourth middle finger, Void, to the world. What have the Swedes been up to since? Writing what might be the best Craft album since mid-aughts gem, Fuck the Universe. All the attributes that the group embody–aggression, nihilism, savagery, and the unexpected–are ritualized into new album, White Noise and Black Metal, their first for new label Season of Mist. On the surface, the title of their fifth full-length has a particular The Velvet Underground feel, particularly the White Light/White Heat album, but musically it’s obviously far removed from “The Gift” and “Here She Comes Now.” That being said, John Cale might be impressed by how far his feedback-laden, noise-driven sound has traveled since 1968 on White Noise and Black Metal.

But enough of the references to late ’60s experimental rock. This is black fucking metal, done the Craft way, without compromise in its war-like posture on all things good and decent. To wit, the Swedes state: “We are working harder to alienate and make it unpleasant for the listener, and that’s something everyone will see and understand during our time with Season of Mist.” Certainly, that’s exactly what’s happening on “The Cosmic Sphere Falls.” Even fans of Void or Total Soul Rape might find White Noise and Black Metal too confrontational, too beyond the tenets of black metal’s comfort zones.

Rejoice! The harbingers of doom and destruction have arrived after a long slumber! Drink Craft’s “The Cosmic Sphere Falls” heavily. Or, don’t imbibe at all.

** Craft’s new album, White Noise and Black Metal, is out June 22nd, 2018 on Season of Mist. Pre-orders are not yet live, but keep watching this URL (HERE) for more info.