Track Premiere: Svederna – ‘Har Av Hin’

Swedish black metal group Svederna have always operated with an anti-establishment mindset at the forefront of their creative process. That continues on their latest album, Svedjeland, especially on the new song “Har Av Hin,” where the Swedes decry the commercialism of the western world.

“The title is a Swedish idiom referring to someone/something deriving from evil,” Svederna offer. “The lyrics concern the way every part of our western society is commercialized at the cost of human connection and originality. Rulers and corporations use every method available to penetrate our minds, bodies and souls with their messages and products. Our misdirected focus on quick and hollow virtual existence makes us alienated and lost.

“The passionate music and lyrics of the track reflects this total disgust of corporate society, and the solution is clear: follow your own path, make your own law.”

Carnal Records will release Svedjeland on April 20.