Track Premiere: Wilt – ‘A Summons Has Come’

Canadian atmospheric black metal outfit Wilt will release their second album, Ruin, on May 18 via Vendetta Records. Atmospheric, expansive and steeped in a melancholy atmosphere, Ruin visits a range of emotions while maintaining intensity throughout. The first single from the album, “A Summons Has Come,” is no exception.

Starting with a dreary melody before exploding into a blast beat-driven, aggressive second half, it sets the tone for what to expect on Ruin. 

“‘A Summons Has Come’ is essentially about death knocking on your door, looming over your shoulder around every corner,” Wilt state. “Feeling its cold presence as it’s always there. Ruin as a whole is kind of a concept album heavily inspired by ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy and at this point in the album the main subject has been wandering alone for a long, long time. He feels like he’s giving up and death is perched over his shoulder ready to take him beyond.”