Sample Systemik Viølence’s Speed

I spend a great deal of time writing about music that is in some way forward-thinking or mind-expanding. Ninety ought percent of the time, that’s what I want in music. Then there’s the other ten percent, the rigorous workout percent, the times when the reptile brain rears its ugly head and demands pure fucking aggression. Systemik Viølence’s new 7” Anarquia-Violência takes that remaining ten reptile percent, flips it on its belly and gives it a good scratch. This Portuguese four-piece takes just the fun, memorable parts of D-beat hardcore, speed metal and the Japanese Burning Spirits sound. Every piece of their music is as blown out and chainsaw-sharp as the photograph on the cover.

As the opening sample attests, some people are just not going to dig this (side note: are they the first band to sample Anthony Fantano? I’m shocked I haven’t heard his voice on a record sooner). Production puritans won’t take the feedback, and people who don’t like Karl Willets’s Antifa tee won’t take the message. To those people, now it’s my turn: it’s all about the riffs, maaannn. Those seeking the soundtrack to their next circle pit have found it, and if the message doesn’t suit them? Well, it’s over in ten minutes anyway.

Pre-order Anarquia-Violência here.