Track Premiere: Yazan – ‘The Star’

Brooklyn-based “feel good” artist Yazan wasn’t topping the list of “most likely to write a killer Sabbath-inspired doom song,” but sometimes life surprises you. “The Star” is Yazan’s ode to the sun, which he explains.

“The sun is a miraculous mystery that provides our planet with life energy. Once humanity discovered the chemistry behind the violent reactions the sun undergoes to give us light and warmth, some began to exploit this power to destroy life [nuclear energy] rather than to support it. ‘The Star’ is a reminder to consider the mystery of existence — why is there something rather than nothing? — and a rousing call to creators and cultivators of life to reclaim our world from forces of violence and destruction before our whole world is reduced to dust.”

Having toured with Pile while delving deeper into his music, Yazan says it was natural for him to begin writing darker, doomier music.

“The work I aim to make and that I am drawn to (including work of artists like Black Sabbath) ultimately reflects a balance of dark and light,” he says. “The heaviness that I have experienced in my life has always drawn me to dark art, but only in recent years have I found myself able to properly use my voice and guitar to effectively express it musically. The country blues roots of rock n roll and metal that have greatly influenced me are born of a deep heaviness and manifested as playful and upbeat expressions, and playing with Pile and Kris Kuss has offered me an opportunity to explore heavier sounds. The next batch of songs I’m working on delve even deeper into my darkness — stay tuned.”

“The Star” comes from Yazan’s upcoming album Hahaha, slated for a 4/20 release via Exploding in Sound.