Track Premiere: Raven Throne – ‘Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…’

Formed in 2005, Raven Throne’s sound has evolved over the years to become top-notch atmospheric black metal. Guitarist Chernotur and bassist/vocalist War Head have carried Raven Throne these past 13 years, and the result of their hard work and dedication truly comes to fruition on I Miortvym Snicca Zolak, Raven Throne’s sixth and mightiest album to date.

With lyrics and music based on and inspired by Slavic poetry, I Miortvym Snicca Zolak enfolds the listener in a blinding maelstrom of spellbinding riffs, weightless but imbued with that special brand of Eastern European melancholy that makes bands from that part of the world so singular, and so irresistible.

Today, we present a brand new song from the upcoming Raven Throne album with “Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…”

The band explains the meaning of “Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…”:

“The song ‘Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem’ is taken from the poem (having the same title) of Michas Charot — the Belarusian poet, playwright and writer who was shot in the framework of the repression, committed by the Soviet leaders in October, 1937. Michas dedicated this to Tishke Gartnoy (real name Dmitry Fyodorovich Zhilunovich), another prominent poet from Belarus. The poem fits perfectly into the music of Raven Throne, thus forming one of the most powerful and piercing tracks from this album.”

I Miortvym Snicca Zolak is available May 2nd from Non Serviam Records. Pre-order available now.