Track Premiere: Crone – ‘Leviathan’s Lifework’

If you’re a fan of Ghost, Alice in Chains, Crippled Black Phoenix or Opeth’s rock-leaning compositions, Crone are a band that you need to hear. The four piece will release their first album, Godspeed, a follow up to their debut EP, Gehenna. 

A dark atmosphere lies heavily over new song “Leviathan’s Lifework.” Sad piano and guitar melodies as well as subdued vocals lead the listener through the track, surely one of the darkest pieces of rock music released this year.

“‘Leviathan’s Lifework’ was a title that I’ve been carrying around with me for half my life,” says band mastermind/guitarist/vocalist sG. “I didn’t know its true meaning until I read Paul Auster’s ‘Leviathan’ a few years ago. The novel follows the life and crimes of a man who decides to take action over words to deliver his message to the world. Something I can rely to in a very strange way. I had to turn this into a song one day and here it is.”

Godspeed will see release on April 13 via Prophecy.