Video Premiere: Choral Hearse – ‘An Abduction’

German progressive doom weirdos Choral Hearse have released the video for the song “An Abduction,” from their debut album Mire Exhumed. The effects-heavy music video is an ideal complement to the unorthodox music being played by Choral Hearse.

“With ‘An Abduction,’ we bring together a lot of what our album Mire Exhumed is about: unearthing the hidden, voicing the long-silenced,” the band comment. “The song shifts between grief and fury at having been wronged, robbed, or trespassed against, forging a dialogue of remorses, suspended in the moment just before retaliation. The writing process was inspired by the unspoken narratives of real abduction cases. Interspersing voices from various sides of the scenario, including those of the predator and the victim, howling from a state of captivity and then from beyond the grave, the song aims to explore the space of the unseen. Using appropriated images of women in horror films—experiencing, reacting against, or inflicting some form of threat or terror—we want to evoke a portentous sense that these trespasses will be answered.”

Mire Exhumed will be released on April 16.