Full Album Stream: Brutality, Beauty & Esoteric Grandeur Abound on Starkweather/Concealment Split

If you’ve been looking to take a perception-scrambling, transcendentalist plunge into churning, uncharted sonic waters but haven’t been able to find the right pier off of which to jump…well, brace yourself and hit the play button on this insane, epic Starkweather/Concealment split below ’cause your consciousness is about to be tsunamied out of your amygdala and then used to stamp a one-way ticket to the Great Beyond.

What we’ve got here is two tracks — one clocking in at just under twenty minutes, the other a hair shy of thirty. Both bursting with brilliant madness, sick chops, enigmatic twists and punishing turns. The legendary Starkweather further cementing itself as the Gorguts of metallic hardcore. Portuguese trio Concealment carving out a sound that is somewhere in the neighborhood of Chuck Schuldiner collaborating with King Crimson.

Add to that a gorgeous 12 page booklet designed by visionary Philadelphia artist Alex Eckman-Lawn and you have yourself…some kind of (actual) monster.

The Starkweather/Concealment split officially drops Friday. Preorder from Translation Loss here.