Track Premiere: Grave Upheaval – ‘II’

Grave Upheaval’s 2013 untitled debut full length rumbles like the bowels of Hell famished. While even the gnarliest of death metal bands sound, more or less, like warped rock ‘n’ roll, or a collection of twisted and deformed riffs; Grave Upheaval are total death.  

Since their debut full length left its dent on the world, many albums have come to loom, but only in the shadow of Grave Upheaval’s Untitled. Until now, with the release of their sophomore album, Untitled. Remaining the work solely of the drummer of Portal, and Impetuous Ritual, with guitars, bass, and vocals provided by someone involved in Temple Nightside, their identities are insignificant in comparison to what they invoke and release upon the world. 

Today we are privileged to present a track from the forthcoming untitled sophomore album from Grave Upheaval.


Quote the band: “The songs on the album are all based around spells of necromancy – they describe the ritual and then cast the spell. This particular song describes the process of crafting the athame that is to be used in a banishing ritual. An athame is a black handled blade that is used in ceremonial magick to channel and direct psychic energy. The rituals used throughout the album are presented in our own 20 page grimoire featuring the spells transcribed in a code and accompanied by a talismanic sigil with artwork revealing the instruments and processes used in each ritual.”

From Untitled, this is “II:”

Get Untitled April 15th on CD and 2xLP from Nuclear War Now! Productions.