Track Premiere: Misrule – ‘Maggot’

Forced to Suffer is the name of the debut demo from one-man project Misrule, a bludgeoning death/grind release that spends five minutes tearing into the listener before regurgitating the remains in a whirlwind of cavernous vocals, pounding drums and noisy guitar.

Mastermind S. Mahoney began Misrule after relocating to Portland from New Hampshire, where he had previously played in the band Guilt.

“This music continues to deliver the relentless aural hate and despair from Guilt with songs about pain, punishment, bigotry and depression while drawing influences from ever evolving modern death and grind bands who continue to push the envelope like Vermin Womb, Desolate Shrine, Plebeian Grandstand and more,” Mahoney states. The result is the debut EP, Forced to Suffer, which was self recorded and released through Sentient Ruin. Much more is planned for the future of Misrule. This is only the beginning.”

Listen to the album’s closing track, “Maggot,” now and pre-order Forced to Suffer via Sentient Ruin.