Watch: Rebel Wizard – ‘There is a Game of Madness…’

Australian artist NKSV is the one individual behind Rebel Wizard, an innovative project which combines the sounds of pounding, primitive black metal with more traditional heavy metal. The end result is highly unique, and highly prolific. Rebel Wizard has released seven EPs and an LP since 2015, the latest being Great Addictions to Blindingly Dark, Wordly Life.

New song “There is a Game of Madness and It Was Decided That You Must Keep on Playing” errs on the side of destructive black metal, accompanied by an unsettling, cryptic video. If understanding is what you seek, NKSV won’t improve matters.

Of the new song, he simply teases, “Flippity dee, flipptee doo, here’s a new song from me to you…”

When pushed for further information on Great Addictions, the Wizard offers something equally vague.

“I forgot about this one, mostly as it was done within that foul cosmic buffoonery of 2017 where we found ourselves,” he says. “Well, actually where we are right now; but not. Perhaps a kind of pathway into the second album but upon completing the album, it turned out not to be the case. Regardless of all things that I may or may not say, it all seems fairly self-explanatory upon consideration and when you hear it, it will sound the way it does to you; even when there isn’t a ‘you’ – hence the game of madness and the addictions to blindingly dark, worldly life. Excelsior!”

Perhaps it will become more clear when it releases tomorrow (February 16). For now, enjoy “There is a Game of Madness and It Was Decided That You Must Keep on Playing.”

Pre-orders are available via Prosthetic Records.