Full Stream: Crypt Rot / Cringe – “Nocturnal Deterioration | Memento Mori”

A split is a great opportunity for two bands to each show what they’re made of, appealing to new fan bases and playing off the sound of the band on the flip side. With Crypt Rot and Cringe joining forces for Nocturnal Deterioration | Memento Mori, each band unleashes total sonic carnage.

Crypt Rot start it off with two songs, “Butchered Slumber” and “Serpentine Atonement,” which tear through the listener with stunning ferocity, bulldozing riffs and disgusting vocals. They’re met with equal intensity from Cringe, whose thrash sensibilities practically demand headbanging.

“These songs capture powerful messages and are thoroughly thought out to display certain sufferings we endure in life,” summarizes Crypt Rot guitarist/vocalist Ryan Sposito.

The split is available through Redefining Darkness in conspiracy with Seeing Red.