Track Premiere: On Thorns I Lay – ‘Olethros (PT. II)’

Old-school death/doom fans will recall On Thorns I Lay from many a mid-’90s distro list. The band’s 1995 debut, Sounds of a Beautiful Experience, was a minor classic for dudes who loved early ’90s Celestial Season and the Gathering, as much as they did wearing lacy pirate shirts. Anyway, as the years passed, the band’s approach evolved into a more atmospheric/oceanic sound (hi, Anathema and Katatonia), which continues on group’s latest, Aegean Sorrow. Decibel has a first taste of the Greek’s eighth LP in the form of the track “Olethros (PT. II)”. Don’t worry, Chris Dragamestianos explains below how you can follow along without first hearing part I.

“‘Olethros’ speaks about the loneliness of the soul in this cruel world we are living in and its journey towards salvation to paradise. I love mixing acoustic guitars parts in our songs,” says the guitarist. “‘Olethros’ song is a perfect example of how OTIL loves using acoustic guitar parts with melodies over performed also from acoustic guitars and hammond keys. We did it also in the Crystal Tears and Future Narcotic album and we will do it again in the future. The song continues with another trademark of our band. Beautiful double lead guitars over the rhythms and a great solo from our second guitar player. I really love this song, a very special one for me.”

Aegean Sorrow is out March 12 via Alone Records.