Track Premiere: Chaos Invocation ‘Calling From Dudail’

Chaos Invocation

From the crypts of Morbid Angel, the darkest recesses of Dissection, and the blood-soaked memory of Merrimack comes German black metal invaders Chaos Invocation. Formed in 2004 out of the living corpses of Ave Maria and Bethlehem (bassist Tumulash and drummer Omega arrived last year), Chaos Invocation marched from the darkness to wage war on the light. Sounds typical, but the Germans are anything but. Their brand of black metal is at once violent, hateful yet melodic and sorrowful. To date, they have three full-lengths on German indie World Terror Committee, with new album Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond being their most developed musically.

Says Chaos Invocation’s A: “We firstly stirred our blood inside the ritual chalice five restless years ago. Still the pedestal of our circle is held by the same three carved and pierced soils of flesh, whose hearts pound, urged by fanaticism and ultimate madness. We never searched for a fitting name, since we started trembling on the path of snakes; we knew that this timeless journey will form an order of syllables once. In the end it must be emphasized that ‘Chaos Invocation’ perfectly describes our way of existing. We will reign in chaos, in blood we kneel and in flames we stand till the end.”

Perfect for the segue into new track “Calling from Dudail,” the group’s first from Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond. There’s a sense of unbridled energy stemming from the quartet, as if they’ve been to the crossroads and come out malignantly inspired and powered by Archangel Samael, The Morning Star, and Enki. To wit, A says: “‘Calling From Dudail’ is an outbreak of sheer metallic fury, an outbreak that leaves a deep impact shaped by triumphant satanic force. It’s a track that combines some of the most present characteristics of Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond and stands for the hungry, violent and above all focused nature of Chaos Invocation.”

The flames of war are upon us… Revel in flesh, celebrate chaos, imbibe in the blood of our enemies!

** Chaos Invocation’s Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond is out March 10th on World Terror Committee. Find the heart of chaos by clicking and ordering from HERE.