Video Premiere: Apophys – ‘Matters Unresolved’

Apophys (featuring members of God Dethroned), have built a thrilling sci-fi universe that their new album, Devoratis, exists in. It tells the tale of a being tasked with destroying a planet, though he fails, which leads him into exile and, eventually, battle with the ally he finds on the planet. During that conflict, the main character Zohm faces many emotions, which are explored on “Matters Unresolved.”

The new song is fast, thrashy and technical, Apophys locking into the groove like machines, or perhaps the extraterrestrial beings they write about. As the band push forward with their airtight, aggressive approach, vocalist Kevin Quilligan delivers barked, rapid-fire growls that match the intensity of his band. And just so you can confirm that the band are indeed human lifeforms, Apophys shot a video of the quintet ripping through the song.

“‘Matters Unresolved’ is one of the more straightforward tracks on our new album,” Quilligan offers. “The title itself explains the theme behind it; frustration, feelings of things unfinished, desperation even. Things with which we are all familiar with. All packed up in a compact, thrashy track that picks up speed as it goes, with some of the fastest vocal lines I’ve ever done.”

Devoratis is out now on Ultimate Massacre Productions. Enjoy your inter-dimensional experience.