Track Premiere: Et Moriemur – ‘In Paradisum’

Et Moriemur are the kind of band that can only be properly classed as “epic.” Self-describing their music as “existential doom,” their new album Epigrammata draws heavily from the crawling pace and huge sound of funeral doom while incorporating Gregorian chanting, a choir and plenty of Latin and Greek symbolism. The album is a massive undertaking, and there’s no better place to begin than the end, so today we bring you an exclusive premiere of “In Paradisum,” Epigrammata‘s closing track.

By far the longest song on the record, “In Paradisum” begins with crushing guitars, piano and mournful vocals. As the song progresses, the Czech quintet add bits of spoken word and a choir, whose performance shimmers over the depressing instrumental.

Epigrammata is out on March 20 through Transcending Obscurity.