Track Premiere: Treedeon – ‘Breathing a Vein’

There is a legion of sludge metal bands out there today that have pushed the genre’s extremity and direction in new and exciting ways, but few do it like Treedeon. The instrumental side of their music draws heavily from doom and noise, as well as sludge, moving at a thick, crushing pace. Vocally is where Treedeon set themselves apart, as you’ll hear on “Breathing a Vein.” The dueling vocals of Yvonne Ducksworth and Arne Heesch dance from clean and bright to throat-ripping shrieks and back, creating an added dynamic to the new song, which you can stream below.

“We recorded Under The Manchineel at Studio Wong in Berlin, they have a great live setup for us,” Ducksworth says. “The song ‘Breathing a Vein’ surprised me, turned out to be one of our favorite songs on the record… As far as vocals: it really melds what Arne & I do best to accompany one another. The song lyrics are echoing that as well really: Two opposites who manage to belong together.”

Exile on Mainstream will release Under the Manchineel on February 23.