Track Premiere: Perpetratör – ‘Lethal Manhunt’

From Lisbon, Perpetratör shred some of the most incendiary thrash metal you’ll have heard in years. Even the Portuguese power trio’s debut album Thermonuclear Epiphany cowers before the technical prowess and mighty songwriting chops of its successor, appropriately titled Altered Beast. Due out at the end of the month from Caverna Abismal Records, Altered Beast is ten tracks (plus an interlude) of brain-liquefying old school thrash mastery. While Perpetratör is the result of members of blackened thrashers Filii Nigrantium Infernalium and epic heavy metallers Ravensire coming together to pay homage to the gods of Teutonic thrash, there’s no amount of context or background that can properly brace you for these riffs.

It’s our pleasure, then, to bring you this exclusive track premiere of “Lethal Manhunt,” just one of many high-energy, incredibly catchy songs from Altered Beast.

‘Lethal Manhunt’ is a descent into the crazed mind of a serial killer hunted by the cops, a man over the edge and his vision of a brutal world that is about to get him,” the band explains. “Facing imminent termination, the perpetrator will go down wading in blood . . . sticking his middle finger at that world. As brutal as Thrash Metal was always meant to be.”