Full EP Stream: High Command – “The Primordial Void”

Demo:listen alums High Command return with a new 7” called The Primordial Void, and the world is a heavier, far more doomed place for it. The Primordial Void picks up where The Secartha Demos left off, except everything—the face-stomping riffs, the explosive rhythms, the clenched-jaw screams, everything—is cranked way up.

With these two songs we wanted to take what we were doing on the demo in a darker, more-fucked sounding direction,” says High Command guitarist Ryan McArdle. “The Primordial Void is the product of us going into the Paincave [Studio] with every intention of recording the sonic equivalent of a mushroom cloud.”


Ralph’s Diner, Worcester, MA 1/3/18

While vocalist Kevin Fitzgerald says the new tracks took him right back to the land of Secartha, that fictional world where the lyrics from High Command’s demo take place.

“I knew I wanted to continue the story I began on the demo,” says Fitzgerald. “After hearing these two songs come together, I was inspired by how cold and dark the riffs sounded. I wanted the lyrics to reflect that, so I expanded on the frigid, unforgiving landscape of Secartha. The end result is something barbaric and powerful the listener can escape in.”

Ralph’s Diner, Worcester, MA 1/3/18

The Primordial Void tells the story of Dikeptor, “the outcast hero,” “on an ambitious quest” to return a cursed sword to the void from whence it came. Seriously, what other bands are giving you sword & sorcery-style lyrics while crushing your feeble skull with absurdly heavy crossover destruction? Not to mention the stunning visuals—provided once more by Ryan Jarvis (Suture & Soil)—that High Command deliver with The Primordial Void.

Coming in February from Haftvad Records, here is The Primordial Void by High Command.