Video Premiere: The Evil Dead – ‘Electric Evil Revisited’

South America has spawned a legion of thrash and speed metal bands who combine influences from the past with more modern sounds. Among them is Argentinian sextet The Evil Dead, whose sound is built around thrash metal and injected with black and death metal, plus a dose of hard rock’s fist-pumping vocal delivery.

They’ve been active in Argentina’s underground since 2006, having released an EP, a four-way split and two albums, the most recent of which is 2017’s Earth Inferno, which contained the track “Electric Evil Revisited.” It’s a neat summary of The Evil Dead’s sound, showing off their tight musicianship and songwriting abilities.

Their new music video for “Electric Evil Revisited,” which you can view below, collects footage from nearly a decade of live performances, showing how far the band has come. Earth Inferno is being distributed through Hells Headbangers in the United States.

“We went through the vaults and found some old footage from the 2007-2014 period in which the song was gestated,” The Evil Dead tell Decibel. “Seemed fitting for it. So get some cold beers, smoke ’em if you got’ em, crank the volume up and do as you will. Enjoy the video, it’s for you guys.”