Monson Guitars Joins the Decibel Magazine Tour

Since its inaugural run in 2012, the Decibel Magazine Tour has assembled ambitious, quality lineups in its conquest of North America. This year is no different, with Viking warriors Enslaved leading the charge.

Enslaved are endorsed by Monson Guitars, and Decibel is proud to announce that Monson will be joining the tour as a sponsor.

“Monson Guitars is very pleased to announce the endorsement of longtime metal icons Enslaved from Norway,” the company says. “In addition, I’m pleased to say, Monson Guitars has been added as an official sponsor for the upcoming Decibel Tour featuring Enslaved. As a longtime fan of the band, it is an honor to be working with them, as well as Decibel magazine!”

Monson has been building guitars since 2001. Based outside of Seattle, WA—not far from tour accomplices Wolves in the Throne Room’s Olympia stronghold—the company has endorsed a host of extreme metal’s finest, including Leviathan, Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and more. They strive to make their guitars extreme, yet affordable to the underground musician.

You can check them out here and every night of the Decibel Tour with Enslaved, Wolves in the Throne Room, Mykur and Khemmis (tickets HERE).