Video Premiere: Wedge – ‘Lucid’

Berlin-based trio Wedge find their sound in rock’s days gone by, centering their sound between classic rock and psychedelic music, as you’ll hear in the new music video for “Lucid.” Fuzzed-out guitar riffs, excited solos and a tight rhythm section lead the listener through four minutes of retro-yet-new tunes.

“‘Lucid’ is about a certain state of dreaming in which you become aware that you are dreaming,” the band tells us. “It’s called ‘lucid dreaming’ and it requires training in order to obtain this ability. Once you master it, you can do virtually anything within your dreams …which can be pretty psychedelic …or scary, dependent on what you’re up to. The video was shot in Leipzig by some dear friends of ours.”

It comes from their new album Killing Tongue, due out February 9 on very fitting label Heavy Psych Sounds. You can watch the video for “Lucid” below and pre-order Killing Tongue here.