Video Premiere: Black Wizard – ‘Feast or Famine’

Canadian outfit Black Wizard revel in the sounds of riff-laden heavy metal and stoner rock on their new album, Livin’ Oblivion. Written about their belief that ”We are living in an age where the powers of the World are taking steps backwards and moving away from a positive future,” Livin’ Oblivion almost makes the end of the world sound and feel like a party.

“This is the first video we have ever done…” Black Wizard tell Decibel. “It took us way too long to hop on this wagon. Rob did a great job capturing the band in our natural habitat & showing off our live show energy. Now people can see what they’re in for before seeing us live. We’re doing a full story line video right away too, so keep those eyes peeled!”

Livin’ Oblivion is out in February via Listenable.