Track Premiere: Cryptae – ‘Ventrum’

What would happen if you pulled the murkiest parts of Incantation’s catalogue and fused them with the dark violence of Portal? You’d get Cryptae‘s demo, being released on always-crushing label Sentient Ruin. As you’ll hear on the song “Ventrum,” it’s low, murky, violent death metal.

The Dutch death dealers’ two members are otherwise experienced in avant garde, jazz, noise rock and industrial, making this unrelenting slab of death metal all the more impressive. They believe strongly in the purity of death metal, as they tell Decibel. 

“On our demo, we emphasized the raw nature of death metal which we love but which is often lacking on modern albums. Death metal should be unpolished and spontaneous.”

Listen to “Ventrum” below and pre-order Cryptae through Sentient Ruin.