Indulge in Väki’s Satisfyingly Dark Black Metal

You can rely on Finland to pretty consistently deliver on a few things: pine trees, winning gold medals at the winter Olympics and producing some of the greatest extreme metal of all time. In fact, Decibel has produced an entire issue dedicated to this phenomenon, with coverage of bands like Amorphis, Children of Bodom and Beherit. On December 11, the newcomers in Väki will be delivering a two-song cassette to begin the journey of adding themselves to their nation’s illustrious legacy.

Check out “Kuoleman Sakeet” below, from that upcoming tape. Within the bands brew of darkness and chaos are some clear elements of modern, dissonant flowing black metal. But the vocal approach contains something more primitive and savage, recalling bands like Bethlehem, though perhaps not quite as insane in that respect. And the lyrics are equally as savage and misanthropic (translated into English): “Destroy everything untrue from this world / Repellent life, spurious liberty / Tear this sick mind from its bowl/ Release this empty and worthless soul from its slavery.”

Also be sure to check out what Redefining Darkness has done with the packaging, which almost resembles a cigarette pack. Kind of fitting with all the talk of destroying life. Dive into the abyss below, and let’s hope this new voice has more screaming to do in the year ahead.