Track Premiere: Eye of Nix – ‘Wound and Scar’

Eye of Nix dwell in the deepest, darkest parts of the human condition. The Seattle doom outfit focus on topics of anxiety, fear and control (or the lack of it), and unleash it in a blackened doom torrent. On new song “Wound and Scar,” Eye of Nix lean on their avant-garde tendencies, as they explain.

“In the song ‘Wound and Scar,’ we strove to evoke finality and resolution through repetitive bass-heavy rhythms accentuated with piano and distorted gong,” vocalist Joy Von Spain says. “The lyrics came from a dream about a woman brutally intent upon ending a cycle of fear imprinted on ancestors and passed down through DNA, halting a lineage of misery at any cost. I had been reading about an experiment in which two generations of mice were shown to react with anxiety when exposed to a new and innocuous scent (cherry blossoms), simply because their predecessors had been made to fear it.”

Black Somnia will see release though fledgling label Scry Recordings on December 15.