Full Album Stream: Coscradh “Of Death And Delirium”


Ireland’s Coscradh will set fire to the world upon the release of debut EP, Of Death and Delirium (Invictus). While Ireland, according to Metal Archives, only has about 174 active death metal acts, including but not limited to Primordial (yes, hardly death metal), Abaddon Incarnate, Malthusian, ZOM, and doomsters Mourning Beloveth, Coscradh are ready to invigorate the Emerald Isle with absolute savagery and unmatched violence. Sounds hyperbolic but it’s not. See, Coscradh follow the Teitanblood path to the abyss. That is to say, where inky, claustrophobic riffs collide with avalanching drums, and monstrous vocals there resides a beast of Dubliners so foul, cruel, and bad-tempered they’re banned from Offaly County (or, maybe not). So, they’re not the jolly chaps eager for a jig, but they do serve up death metal in the murkiest and most brutal sense.

Says Coscradh in a band-prepared statement: “Fueled by obsession with the violent nature of man, the obstinate delusions of the paranoid and the terrible curiosities of the damned. A pursuit in morbid death metal is contained herein…”

If that quote seems tangential, it’s not. It’s just the way Coscradh do business. They’re under no delusion they’ll topple the Catholic Church in Ireland, but they will celebrate any wound they, collectively, can cause or re-open via nasty riffs and haunting vocals. Together, let’s raise chalices of blood, candles in black, and sharpened bone swords to Coscradh’s Of Death And Delirium! Monday never hurt so good.

“From the dark, come forth the slaves…
The hunger and the black bones surround,
mounds of chaotic screams, and withered shells of death…”

** Corscradh’s skull-crushing new EP, Of Death and Delirium, is out November 24th via Invictus Productions. Pre-orders are available HERE.