Full Album Stream: Pillars – “Pyres and Gallows”

Pyres and Gallows, the new EP from Pillars, will appeal to those who can’t get enough of integral doom acts like Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Cathedral. The Frenchmen’s fuzzed-out doom is bleak and heavy, driven mostly by plodding riffs and steady rhythm section.

“We like to mix all kinds of musical feelings, but always with the same dark atmosphere,” Pillars tell Decibel. “Our EP reflects all Pillars facets from dark stoner rock, i.e. ‘Green Magik Ritual,’ to more epic doom style tunes, i.e. ‘Pyres and Gallows.’

For a first release, Pyres and Gallows sets the bar high for future Pillars output, but let’s not worry about that today. Instead, enjoy an exclusive stream of the EP before its release through Seeing Red Records on November 17.