Full Album Stream: Malvento – “Pneuma”

Italian black metal group Malvento are unique in their approach to the genre, unafraid to experiment on their latest album, Pneuma. Their use of synthesizers and loops as well as various tempos makes Pneuma an incredibly interesting listen. Jumping from songs like “Apuania,” which moves from noisy loops to lo-fi black metal, to its follow up, “Le Danze,” which recalls the trappings of blackened doom, Malvento prove they have a unique vision for Pneuma. 

“Malvento was born with the aim of transforming into music various extrasensory experiences, generated by the practices to which its founders are bonded,” Malvento offer.”

“During the past 20 years, the band has worked hard yet far from the mainstream, in order to improve firstly under a conceptual and spiritual point of view and secondly, from the technical and musical one.
In “Pneuma” ‘s style, you can find all this. In this new opus, there is no room for guesswork. In every note, in every pause, in every individual noise the listener can feel, there you can find the path walked by the band. A path for a journey made of visions and revelations. Everything happened in a natural way and “Pneuma” is a record which is meant to drag the listener from the beginning to the end. We reckon that “letting go” and “letting the music take control” are fundamental requirements to step into the album and being able to understand it in a deeper way.”

Pneuma is out November 26 via Third I Rex.