Track Premiere: Obscure Burial – ‘Necrophagous Ritual’

After manifesting in 2012 and releasing two cult demo tapes through Invictus Prod, Turku’s Obscure Burial will finally release their debut full length album on December 15th, 2017. Defenders of death metal’s primitive beginnings take note, for Obscure Burial boast a clamoring and filthy sound similar to those progenitors of American malevolence such as Sadistic Intent, Mantas, Possessed, and Necrovore. Because they are Finnish, though, Obscure Burial’s sound is unpredictably dark and mutated.

Today, Obscure Burial invite you to indulge in the sixth track from their impending self-titled full length. This is “Necrophagous Ritual.”

Quote Obscure Burial: “Join us as we feast, the innocent child. In world’s darkness. [This track is a] re-recording from the God’s Abomination demonstration tape, developed into necrophagous tritonus rite. Perfected by the abyssal field recording interlude. Crafted from foundations of past decade’s arts, strife of chords molding the sepulchral sounds.”

Get Obscure Burial December 15th from Invictus Productions.