Review: Daeva – “Pulsing Dark Absorptions”

Sodom in the U.S.A.

Label: 20 Buck Spin

Daeva is most definitely a Steve Jansson affair. If you’re reading this magazine then you know who Jansson is even if you don’t realize you do. Jansson’s a Philly ’head, plays guitar in Crypt Sermon, screams and shreds in Trenchrot, Infiltrator, as well as killer grinders Unrest. And you can spot one of his riffs from a block away.

So, what does it mean that Daeva’s guitarist is Steven Jansson? For one thing, it means you’re getting riffed by effing riffs. And with Daeva it sounds like Jansson’s landed his dream job. On Pulsing Dark Absorptions Daeva go after Aura Noir’s seminal debut LP, Black Thrash Attack, but with their own cutthroat American style. All three members of Daeva prove worthy of this task. Jansson throws a little Shermann and Denner into his wrists and fingers, and drummer Justin Bean (also of Trenchrot) hooks it all to his team of black steeds and pulls it at a vengeful speed. And what’s most astounding, even their cover of “Deathcrush” is remarkably fresh and not in any way misguided.

With savage and ruthless performances from all three of its members, especially the demonic tirades of vocalist Ed Gonet, Daeva have proven themselves to be a formidable newcomer in an extremely demanding subgenre. Pulsing Dark Absorptions keeps pace with the best of modern black thrash records while burning down some monuments of the past as well. With enough spleen and attitude to propel them straight to the front of the black thrash pack—or maybe out of step with it—Daeva are a band worth keeping up with, if you can.

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