Track Premiere: Vitriol – “Pain Will Define Their Death”

Photo: Charlotte Gane

Portland death dealers Vitriol very well may be the most vicious and explosive death metal band currently hailing from the United States. Their first EP, Pain Will Define Their Death, oozes angular riffs and ferocious vocal delivery, recalling at times the early works of Nile, Morbid Angel and others. Listen to the title track, streaming exclusively through Decibel, now to get blasted by Vitriol.

“The title track to Pain Will Define Their Death is likely the most well rounded song on the EP,” guitarist/vocalist Kyle Rasmussen says. “It serves as a strong resume for the band’s sound. The lyrics also speak clearly to our mission statement; to expose the weakness, failure, and triviality of man through passionate violence.”

Pain Will Define Their Death is out November 10.