Full Album Stream: Pyrolatrous – “Teneral”

New York City-based black metal outfit Pryolatrous deliver a scathing first LP on their Gilead Media debut Teneral. Featuring current and ex-members of Woe, Anicon, Krallice, HULL and others, Teneral is rousing and emotionally-driven.

Teneral is a wandering pilgrimage of emotional turmoil, written in the aftermath of a disastrous political climate, lost relationships, and death,” guitarist/vocalist Nick Palmirotto says. “Pyrolatrous was formed nearing the end of HULL in response to the desire to create and connect with personal issues. Since its inception in 2012 and recording with Brett Romnes in 2015, Lev Weinstein and I worked hard on this album, and I am very proud to finally release Teneral on Gilead Media, a label that I truly respect. I couldn’t be happier with the lineup that was rounded out with Nolan Voss and Joe Merolla, and I’m looking forward to composing the next album together. Teneral is lovingly dedicated to my maternal grandparents, Alan and Joan Neese.”

Gilead Media will release Teneral on October 20.