Full Album Stream: Antiversum – “Cosmos Comedenti”

In 2015, Antiversum released a massive world-eater of a demo. Called Total Vacuum, the Zurich-based quintet’s demo sounded more like a debut full length than a demonstration of the band’s potential, its brevity notwithstanding. But now that they’re poised to release their actual debut full length, Cosmos Comedenti, an absolute black hole of an extreme metal album, it all makes sense in hindsight. In the two shorts years since their demo, Antiversum have somehow whetted their skills at engineering and evoking maelstroms of death-doom comprised of blackened riffs and mind-boggling and unpredictable drum ballistics.

Beware: you’re approaching the event horizon of Cosmos Comedenti. Soon you will reach the point of no escape.

According to the band themselves: “Everything is born out of nothing – surrounded by nothing – will end in nothingness.”

Get Cosmos Comedenti October 20th from Invictus Productions.