Track Premiere: Pale Horseman – ‘Final War’

Chicago-based doom/sludge crew Pale Horseman deliver a pummeling auditory assault on their new album, The Fourth Seal. Having recorded with Bongripper’s Dennis Pleckham and Neurosis’ Noah Landis on previous releases, they have honed their sound to be full and weighty.

Pleckham returned to handle recording and production duties on The Fourth Seal, and the result is massive. The band attributes part of that sound to a change in drummers, as they explain:

“We are very pleased with the new album and more optimistic than ever about the future of the band in general. We put a lot of time and effort into this recording; more so than any of our previous releases. Back in May of 2016, we made a major line up shift with the addition of new drummer, Jason Schryver, and he has given the band a newfound power and energy which had not been present in our previous releases and live shows.

“The drums are better and the overall attitude of the band is more professional now too, which has made for a much more efficient and flourishing environment in the way of creativity as far as writing riffs and fleshing out song structures. We feel that this is by far our strongest and heaviest release to date.”

The Fourth Seal will see independent release on November 24.