Video Premiere: Erdve – ‘Atraja’

Photo: Rokas Milius

It’s one thing to have a studio record capture a band’s sound and another thing entirely to capture that same magic live. Lithuanian dark hardcore quartet Erdve achieve both, and on their first live performance, no less. The quartet—who will be releasing an album via Season of Mist in 2018—recorded part of their set at Armageddon Fest V, which you can watch below.

Erdve move around on stage like they’ve been playing out for years, and they simultaneously harness a dreary atmosphere and the aggression of hardcore.

“This show at the fifth edition of the Armageddon Descends festival in Vilnius marked our very first live performance,” Erdve tell Decibel. “Playing there turned out to be a unique experience since it was a bit questionable whether we fit the black/death concept of the metal stage, but the show was indeed very intense and was a great tribute to the whole idea behind this festival. This video is a live representation of the final track, ‘Atraja’ from our forthcoming debut album, Vaitojimas, which will be released by Season of Mist in early 2018.”

Watch the video now, and follow Season of Mist for further information on Erdve’s debut.