Split Premiere: Bloodmoon / Trapped Within Burning Machinery

Bloodmoon aren’t being secretive about their outlook. One half of a split with Trapped Within Burning Machinery, their contribution is titled “Nothing Is Special, Nobody Cares.” Bloodmoon’s unusual fusion of progressive, black and doom metal starts the nearly-30-minute release off well, weaving different sounds within the song.

“When we first started as a band we had a sampled intro for our set with a heavily effected spoken word by our drummer Jason who was ranting about how ridiculous everything is one night,” Bloodmoon vocalist/guitarist Peter Tomis explains. “The final words in his rant were ‘Nothing is special, nobody cares’ and it kind of became our mantra going forward in how we approach the band and creativity. What it meant to us was just relinquishing any sort of expectation we had for the band other than our own self satisfaction. People may find it special, and people may care, but if we wan’t to keep growing as artists we needed to deny those thoughts for ourselves so that the only criticisms driving our creativity and output were our own. The lyrics deal with the finer points of this concept and how it is the reality as an artist in the modern age, but also the fact that it has always been like this but it wasn’t until now in the age of information that we are coming to realize it as we see asinine trends come and go monthly, even weekly.”

For their half, Trapped Within Burning Machinery offer a hypnotic doom epic based around the video game series Dark Souls. “Abysswalker” is also the surname of Artorias The Abysswalker, a character who is eventually enslaved by the abyss after being driven mad by the darkness he finds within it. Its lethargic and dark nature makes “Abysswalker” the ideal way to end the split, by sliding into slow darkness.

The split record comes out on October 1, and can be pre-ordered through Midnite Collective and Black Voodoo Records.