Track Premiere: Oblivion – ‘Awaiting Autochthon’

Technical death metal legion Oblivion, who signed to Unique Leader after self-releasing their debut album, Called to Rise, have ended the four-year gap between albums with the announcement of second record, The Path Towards… 

The new album features guest appearances by Karl Sanders (Nile) and Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish), both fitting since guitarist Ted O’Neill studied with Sanders and Beniko Orum handles guitar duties in both Oblivion and All Shall Perish. New song “Awaiting Autochthon,” which you can stream below, was co-written by Sanders and features guest vocals from Hideous Divinity’s Enrico H. Di Lorenzo.

“Nick is like the Bruce Lee of avant garde metal composing…” Sanders says. “He is a madman… He is untouchable and from another planet, wildly innovative and creative.”

“When such forces join together in the name of Death Metal you can only expect a killer song,” Di Lorenzo adds. “When they ask you to sing you can only growl the hell out of your lungs and enjoy!”

The Path Towards… is out on Unique Leader on November 17.