Track Premiere: Double Ferrari – ‘Double Ferrari’

Lovers of shred and guitar solos, meet Double Ferrari. The Georgia-based quartet weave melodies and impressive leads throughout their self-titled album, as you can hear on the eponymously-titled “Double Ferrari,” streaming exclusively through Decibel. 

“The band is actually named after the song ‘Double Ferrari,’ not the other way around,” the band tell Decibel, “and the song’s title comes from a vision that emerged during feverish work on its foundational riffs: a desert highway near sunset. Two sleek, sporty automobiles driving side-by-side in the same direction, at the same speed. The presence of drivers is unknown. As the sun approaches the horizon, the cars begin to accelerate to meet the rate of the sun’s descent. Suddenly, the respective internal sides of each car rise to meet, as though the grasping of hands, touching wheels to create a moving pyramid. This pyramid transcends the speed of any actual automobile, moving with haste toward the horizon in a seeming effort to beat nightfall. With a burst of jet-like propulsion, the pyramid dislodges from earth’s gravitational pull and blasts into the sun. Not the sunset. The actual sun.”

Double Ferrari will be released on October 20 through Ernest Jenning Record Co.