Track Premiere: The Living – ‘Deceiver’

San Francisco outfit The Living pull from a variety of sounds on their new self-titled album. Most noticeable is the sprawling progressive rock atmosphere and the powerful choruses that wouldn’t be out of place in an arena. New song “Deceiver” encompasses both of those things — after a listen or two, it’s hard to avoid having the melody stuck in your head.

“This whole song was jammed out and we pretty much kept the basic arrangement as it was,” The Living collectively explain. “We really like the flow of the song and how it has a little bit of a bluesy feel but is also atmospheric and moody. Lyrically, this was the easiest and fastest to write and the words are some of my favorite on the album. It mainly deals with self-deception. This song always goes over well live.”

The Living will be self-released on September 22. You can find more info here.