Track Premiere: Zornheym – ‘Whom The Night Brings’

After completing a three year run as the bassist of Dark Funeral in 2014, multi-instrumentalist Zorn (ex-Devian) began the process of assembling a new band, called Zornheym. Still rooted in black metal, Zornheym juxtapose the rawness of black metal with soaring symphonic elements.

Listen to new song “Whom the Night Brings” from Zornheym’s debut Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns. The album will see release through Non Serviam Records on September 15.

“I think this song is the easiest to understand the heart of this album,” Zorn says. “I remember demoing this track to our singer, Bendler, in the studio and he was so excited to dig his teeth into this one. Any old Devian fans out there? The solo section was originally written for Devian’s third album, which was never released. I have always loved that part and to expand upon it with our string and choir section just added so much more depth to it!”