Full Album Stream: Dead Woman’s Ditch – “Seo Mere Saetan”

UK label Third I Rex has made itself home to a number of unique bands, not least of which is Dead Woman’s Ditch. A unique combination of doom and sludge metal with elements of black metal and even psychedelia, their debut record, Seo Mere Saetan, is an ugly-yet-captivating take on doom.

The band was formed by bassist Glenn Charman, who previously spent two years playing with doom legends Electric Wizard. They built their own studio to work on the record, which they say helped the process along.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve built a small studio on the edge of the Quantock hills, in which we wrote, recorded and mixed the album ourselves,” Dead Woman’s Ditch say. “It’s a great space and we’ve become really productive.”

As for their fearless genre bending, Dead Woman’s Ditch admit they have varied musical tastes that go well beyond metal, including Bauhaus and Butthole Surfers, which allows them to jam new ideas and sounds when they practice.

“The album’s quite a mixture of genres and styles,” they comment. “That was the idea, we don’t like anything that seems too obvious. There’s even a part linking two of the songs which is an old 60’s drum machine running through Glenn’s guitar amp and pedals. And some Russian speech during ‘Failed To Rot’ of engineers at Chernobyl as the disaster happened.”

Give Seo Mere Saetan a listen now and head to Third I Rex’s Bandcamp to pre-order the record.