Track Premiere: Lifetime Shitlist – ‘Slow March’

Baltimore-based Grimoire Records have one catch with their releases: they record, mix and master everything themselves. Perhaps because of this credo, they’re able to unleash records like Lifetime Shitlist‘s Slow March. The hardcore noise rockers tracked the whole release in one afternoon and will release it through Grimoire on August 18.

Slow March straddles the line between hardcore punk and noise rock, containing plenty of riffs, feedback and leads. Listen to the title track now and head to Grimoire’s Bandcamp to pick it up now.

“The past year has brought on a lineup change for the band,” Lifetime Shitlist comment collectively. “Completing guitarist Matt Crocco’s vision of creating big burly heavy riffs with a punk at heart attitude we brought in his long-time friend Ned Westrick to handle vocal duties and found a second guitar player, Corey (Lifetime Craigslist) Fleming. We are all super busy with families, exotic carnivorous pets, other musical projects and the occasional ritual sacrifice. When we get together we like to have as much fun as possible without hurting each other or breaking anything. Taking it too seriously detracts from our songwriting so having a good time keeps the focus on writing straightforward hairy riffs. Slow March is the third record we have recorded with Noel Mueller from Grimoire Records. He is awesome and understands how we want the recordings to sound; massive, pounding and loud.”

Photo by Shane Gardner / Rock n’ Roll Socialite